It is a great pleasure to introduce our company in this web site.

ILSHIN VALVE has grown as the top of petrochemical valve manufacturers after spending our continued passion to improve quality consistently based on time delivery. With this well developed and better quality, ILSHIN has led new age and become the influential leader in market.

After spending a lot of time on considering producing nuclear valve manufacturing, Ilshin finally determined to expand a business for the best quality and technology.
The success of nuclear valve manufacturing has supported valve engineering and production, and made ILSHIN be the best reliable and influential valve supplier.
The first of all, ILSHIN achieved license which was approved on 2000 years by KEPIC(Korea Electric Power Industrial Code / equivalent with ASME Section III).
With this license approved by KEPIC, ILSHIN succeeded to acquire most of domestic nuclear valve supplying contracts which were about both forged steel valves and casting valves.
Furthermore, the most of domestic nuclear valve supplying contracts also include pneumatic operated control valve which proved ILSHIN has high quality control system and high end technology.
To accomplish all of these, ILSHIN has made an effort to have great experts with enough supports and very professional technique in technology.

In a result of our continued passion and investment in this business for 30 years, ILSHIN became a primary supplier to Shell Global(EFA contract) on year 2011. This contact supports us to have a chance of TAT(Type approval test according to MESC 77/302 V13) with wide range of production scope during year 2012. Moreover, through these successful and satisfied test result, ILSHIN was selected as “Award of fast tract supplier” at the Shell EFA valve manufacturers forum on Nov, 2012 at Hague, Netherlands.

As a meaning of our company name ILSHIN, Endless development, we will do our very best effort to be the best reliable manufacturer in petrochemical and nuclear business to support our customers.

By preparing the other half of century of ILSHIN history,

Chairman / Hyeonjo Kim